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That’s a shame, and it’s not going to make anything better

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moncler jackets kids I have two Halloween Henrys, my current one is speed/ res, and my new one is atk/ hp. My thought is to stick with speed since he gets to 40 speed with Fury on, but I feel like taking a hit to HP instead of Res is better for the Atk Ploy seal I have on him. Which one should I keep?welyytonly prog wank is trve 69 points submitted 10 days agoThe moncler outlet prices “it just wank” criticism never made sense with DT moncler outlet woodbury for me; there a huge difference between self indulgent soloing (a la Yngwie and his imitators) and planned out instrumental segments. These guys do the latter, and this song is a great example; the part from 4:20 ish onward nicely showcases their interplay with a clear songwriting throughline that has its own feel and flow and simultaneously serves to lead into the big crescendo in the end.Sorry to get all pretentious about Dream Theater, but this song and album completely deserve it.liartellinglies 6 points submitted 15 days agoThe hubris and condescension of the left is one of its moncler uk outlet biggest hurdles in building a bridge. If you want to have the mindset that you’re the better, more intelligent person, cheap moncler jackets mens then show a little fucking empathy and moncler outlet online extend an olive branch. This is only serving to widen the divide between the two sides. The greatest moncler sale online thing people on either side can do is to at least try to understand each other, what their concerns are, why they feel disenfranchised. The first sentence of this statement undoes the effectiveness of any salient point the OP wants to make to the other side. As a nation we need to meet somewhere in the middle or this shit is never gonna best moncler jackets endThe consensus seems like we’d all rather fight and moncler outlet point fingers. That’s https://www.moncleroutlett.com a shame, and it’s not going to make anything better.skydivingninja 1 points submitted 15 days agoIt a nice thought, but I see much more olive branches coming from liberal media personalities, such as Van Jones series where he visited Trump supporters, or even publications like the NYT trying to humanize fucking Nazis (which was an incredibly bad look). Ron Swanson is probably the most beloved conservative character in a long time, written by a bunch of liberals and portrayed by one, too. Meanwhile, most conservative outlets paint liberals as either clueless, nefarious, or out of touch with “real” America, and I know this because Moncler online sale I grew up surrounded by conservative media, moncler outlet sale was a “socially liberal fiscally conservative” Republican/Libertarian up until around 2010, and still see plenty of fake news stories from conservatives because they moncler womens jackets don bother fact checking anything that fits with cheap moncler sale their pre established worldview.And as far as meeting in the middle goes, it another nice thought, but I think Republicans blew it up. Immediately after Obama was elected I was ashamed of my party response. Obama hadn even done anything and suddenly there was a big movement against him that was only about taxes and nothing else? They blocked everything they could, neutered health care with tons of compromises, and stole a fucking SCOTUS seat from Obama. Congressional Republicans have no interest in cheap moncler coats mens compromising and at some point Congressional Democrats need to moncler usa take moncler sale outlet a page from the GOP playbook and realize there no “good faith” on that side of the aisle anymore.The3rdCraigRobinson 16 points submitted 17 days uk moncler outlet ago1e: it was my formal introduction to D The Dungeon itself. I fought, and summarily fled from, a Carrion Crawler. And then a Lurker killed my character. It was boss.B/X: LOVED the Mystara setting. I was already reading Elric and Conan by then, thanks to my DM (my older brother). And playing in Mystara moncler online store felt like Hyboria with Elves and Dwarves. One of my favorite PCs of all time was a Sylvan Elf Ranger from Alfheim.2e: Specializing your Thief build with all the floating Thief Skills modifiers and the Assassin Kit from the CTHB.I did not play 3e,3.5, or PF. But I did play MERP, so I including it. Hated RoleMaster as an engine but the setting details ICE wrote were fantastic. When I ran my ME5e campaign when the PHB first uk moncler sale came out, my MERP setting books came in quite handy. I “invented” an entire ecology at the confluence of the Carnen and the River Running (Iron Mountain dwarves, Dale men and Easterlings, all glaring suspiciously across the rivers at one another like a fantasy Pittsburg separated by tribal cultures). And I used the Easterling and Sea of Rhun sourcebooks cheap moncler jackets womens as inspiration.4e: the Nentir Vale setting was pretty boss. I like the Powers approach and often discount moncler jackets raid Class and Race powers for magic items in 5e. LOVED the Warlord and the Shaman. Though I didn care for the armor slot systems, I really enjoyed the modular feature approach to weapons and armor. I still use those features in 5e.5e: overall, the ease of it to run without looking up a bunch of stuff. It fun moncler outlet store to teach new Players. Very intuitive. Advantage and Disadvantage. I like the Death Saving Throw mechanic. Also a big fan of the flattened math.My only gripe about 5e, which admittedly sounds bizarre at first, is the artwork in the published adventurers at the expense of easily printable Dungeon maps. The maps are GORGEOUS. Just stunning. But I would have to remortgage my home to buy all the color printer moncler sale ink needed. So I wish we could have some old school b DM maps in the back of the adventure. I miss the days where they put copies of handouts, maps and reference material all together in the back.skydivingninja 3 points submitted 16 days agoI gotta say I miss the Nentir Vale setting more than anything else out of 4e. It was cool that the 4e PHB includes general information about Gods and how races/classes are perceived in the world that DMs could take into their own creations, and the provided map was open and vague enough that you could do whatever you wanted with it and expand beyond the initial Vale, and since its a blank slate no one cares how you mess with it they way they might with Forgotten Realms. IMO, players should have a pantheon in the PHB to help with character creation.ReadingIs4Communists 6 points submitted 18 days agoGiven they knew she wasn cheap moncler jackets going to be available and would be dropping in and out of sessions, it is disappointing (and IMO short sighted) that they didn contrive a specific narrative element to make it work; like Pike spiritual projection. An established, easily explained in game reason for ocassional long absences then returning as if nothing had happened.The system they have in place of Yasha running away to do “Yasha stuff” then turning up and acting like one of the gang is really jarring moncler jackets kids.